What am I playing lately? (Super Hexagon Edition)

Super-HexagonI’ve been neglecting this blog lately. It’s one of those things where, I’ve been meaning to put together some sort of update, but for one reason or another; it just never happened. You might call it, writers block, laziness, or I just don’t give a shit about it any more. Any one of those options would work just fine, actually. But to be honest, I actually kind of forgot about it. Go figure.

I struggle with finding things to write about. I haven’t really been playing any retro related stuff; and when I have, I turn it off after about four minutes or so. I haven’t really been playing anything really, I’ve just been dabbling in stuff here and there, but nothing has really kept my attention for longer than waiting until a loading screen fades, its really strange.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing more bite sized stuff. A couple months ago, I really got into “Woah Dave!”. Hell, I even did a video review of it:

There was just something about the simplicity of it, and how well it controlled regardless of what platform I was playing it on (full disclosure, I bought it 3 times). I was really addicted to it, and really believed that everyone should be playing it. In the last few months, I started playing iOS games again. I got into “Threes”, “Hitman Go”, and “Super Hexagon”.

I really suck at “Threes”, and “Hitman Go”. But “Super Hexagon”, that was just the game I was looking for. Now, I’ve played this game a lot in the past, so it’s not as though I suddenly stumbled upon some dirty little iOS secret. But in a day and age, where games like “Flappy Bird”, “Swing Copters”, and “Iron Pants” exist, and their claim to fame is the difficulty, and they control like crap. It’s good to know there are some games out there, that are not only difficult, but completely fair.

All you need to know about Super Hexagon, is that it’s over in less then 10 seconds; and showing it to your friends is not enough, you need to let them play it. It pulls you in, and doesn’t let go. Even if you feel as though you’ve had enough, you still go back for a few more cracks at it, just so you can break the 40 second barrier.

The visuals are simple, the music is awesome, and you need to give this game all of your money. Seriously, just do it already.