Seriously, what the hell is going on?

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this thing hasn’t it? I don’t really have any interest in writing pieces regarding my personal life, but since I haven’t really put much effort into this thing as of late, I suppose I do owe a little bit of an explanation as to what’s been going on.

Back to school… 

I decided to take a little break from writing about games shortly after my mom passed away. I couldn’t really get into it. Despite finally sinking my teeth into some pretty interesting stuff, I had a hard time thinking of interesting things to write, and therefore the blog was kind of put on the back burner. However, the other reason for the lack of content is that I went back to school. I’ve been taking online classes over the last 4 months, and that requires staring at the computer for an additional 20 hours a week, and that includes around the 35 hours I spend staring at the computer for my actual job. I don’t actually mind doing that, but every once in awhile it wouldn’t hurt to see a different screen.

I bought a Retron 5 


I know, I know. Nothing beats original hardware. Trust me, I get it. It’s cool though, I still have a Sega Saturn collecting dust in the garage, so it’s good to know any original hardware I have is being put to good use. But seriously, every try plugging and NES into HD anything? It’s far from pleasant. The Retron 5 upscales everything to 720p, and it looks really nice. Plus, it’s given me an excuse to start collecting Famicom games.

“Excuse me sir”


“Would you like to purchase the Dragon Quests I-VI, and the Famicom versions of Final Fantasies I, II, and III, for less than the cost of the newest Call of Duty game?”

“Um. Well. Wouldn’t they all be in Japanese”

“With the Retron, you can install translation patches”

**Hands over money, and three major credit cards (due to fear of fraudulent charges, two of the cards are expired)**

It’s actually been a pretty great purchase. I was on the fence for a bit, when people were talking about pins getting bent and all that. But so far, it’s been pretty great. Everything I’ve purchased has worked, and I’ve been able to get some pretty cool stuff for cheap. I’ve been using emulators for a long time, and have really loved doing so, but there’s a difference between playing Super Mario Bros. on my computer, and playing it on my Television. Maybe there isn’t really that much of a difference, but I dunno, I just enjoy playing console games on my TV.

Making music? that’s dumb….(It’s not, I know)

Loneliness and Heartbreak

Over the last few weeks I’ve also been working on music. I’m not really going to go into what it is, or where one could find it. Google would probably tell you anyway. It’s not finished, and I only have 3 songs, sort of completed. I’m not doing this for any particular reason, I’m doing this solely because I can. There have been plenty of people that I’ve come to know over the past few years, who have made these types of projects come to life, and so I’m hoping that I can as well. I don’t really have an end date in mind, I’ll really just be working on it when I have a spare moment.

I have a few written pieces planned for this month, including a piece on a PC game that I recently got addicted to, and a retrospective on Weezer (because people want it, dammit!). I’m also writing for Strange Wonderful, which I’m also due to make some sort of appearance on at some point in the near future. I’ll keep everyone posted.



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