The Legend of Zelda (An 8 Bit Game a Day mini edition)

the-legend-of-zelda-enemiesIt’s hard for me to admit this, but I’ve never finished the original Legend of Zelda. I can’t really say for sure why that is; the only thing that I can think of, is that I never owned Zelda, Metroid, or Kid Icarus, and so the nostalgia just isn’t there in the same way that it was for say, Super Mario Bros, or Castlevania. Those were games that I physically owned, and therefore had access to those titles whenever I wanted it.

It’s a shame really, because two out those three games are iconic (Kid Icarus, is okay, but it by no means should be considered a classic). But considering that I didn’t really have much of a say when it came to getting new games, I mainly played what was available. Like most kids at the time, it wasn’t really a problem, except for when you got that really terrible game (looking at you CastleQuest) and were stuck playing it for the next few months, until the next holiday came around.

That being said however, it’s not as though you couldn’t get any of the games that you missed out on, at any point down the road, it’s just that when you have a backlog of things you want to get through, whether it be games, movies, books, or whatever, its always shifting and evolving, and so that game that you were interested in playing 20 years ago, may not seem so interesting now.

Which brings me to the point of this entry. I’ve only played the The Legend of Zelda up to the first dungeon, and that’s it. I’ve attempted to go through this quite a few times, but just ended up not really being interested. However, it being the 30th anniversary and all, I’m going to finish this game.


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